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Cast and crew

Many talented people bring their skills to this podcast. Follow and appreciate them!

BRIGHT EYES is written and directed by Aimee Meester.

It is produced by Aimee Meester, Sydney Fontaine, and Cyrus Fontaine.


TRISH ODESSA is voiced by Sydney Fontaine

MILO NIELSON is voiced by Wyatt Hammond

MADDIE RYAN is voiced by Carly Racklin

JUDE BROEGAN is voiced by Cyrus Fontaine

JAKE FORD is voiced by Jake Romano

THE SHIP is voiced by Aimee Meester


Music, effects, and sound production by Cyrus Fontaine

Promotional graphics and art by Jake Romano & Carly Racklin

Promotion, social media coordination, and general awesomeness by Sydney Fontaine

Cover Art by Stacia Joy

Additional music provided by Joshua C Forrest

Website designed and managed by Aimee Meester

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